Happy New Year?


Hello and happy Tuesday!

I am posting on borrowed time, I’m afraid.

My technology has all gone to haywire.
The tablet won’t charge, at all, above 7%.
The desktop thinks it is 2006.

Oh, dear! And I so love my blogging…

My limping-on-its-last-legs camera has been taken over by the still eleven-year-old, and my ancient cracked iPod that holds a charge for about a day claimed by the newly eight-year-old.

The furnace man came for emergency repairs and said we will get perhaps another eighteen months out of that…

The computer program I use to keep my accounts is overloaded with files…and very confused by the 2006 dating snaffuuuu…and it is tax time.

I could use my teen’s laptop but I would still need a way to take pictures. We shall see! If you don’t hear from The Sparkly Toad for a while…now you know why. ❤

We will do what we can!

Today's post:
We had a lovely holiday. I received a giftcard and bouht…YARN, of course!

We quickly switched from holiday to birthday and made (yet another) Frozen theme cake. Loved the easy rock candy recipe! You can find it here:


And then I ran away for a whole weekend and scrapped a year of pictures in 24 hours. (I also crocheted a nifty cardigan, but more about that another time.) My craft bags packed:


Now for this week…it was back to work, and the babies, now crawling, are keeping us busy!

If I have the time, anytime soon, will be weaving ends…and weaving ends, and weaving ends…on these FIVE afghans:

It is a good time of year to quit procrastinating. 😉

May you be blessed in 2015!

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