Snowbound Psych


Hello, hello and happy Tuesday! We are into the cold and damp here, but thankfully (unless you LOVE snowdays like I do) the ten to twelve inches of white stuff passed north of us and we have nary a flake. My dream of a day of snuggle on the couch with my family around me will have to wait for another day.

So it is business as usual, babies and diapers and checking math lessons (eww) and musing on my next projects…of course!

My third daughter has been asking for a neon star blanket, after I made stars for daughters two and four…and since I had made two already, a change in pattern was in order! Tired of five points? Then how about twelve?!? I do love a challenge. After considering several versions I chose this one.


I have seen dozens of different color combos come through my media feeds, as folks shared their latest work, and one that stuck out as most striking used “blacklight” bordered with black!  She wanted bright, so hey…


Here it is:

I love it! And so does she. Just the orange to go, and the border decisions…

My second project to share is from my birthday treats! I received not one, but THREE crochet books for my birthday with an okay from my sweet husband.

I am so excited to make things from this one:

I love crochet dolls, and amigurumi–though I hate sewing!– and hope there is much more doll-making in my future than I have time for at present. Often when a find a free minute I am browsing the latest doll art:

And collecting patterns (to hopefully make) in my Ravelry favorites.

Of course my daughters request new dollies quite regularly! Friends and neighbors too…so here is the start of the pattern from my new book:


I had read comments that the instructions were not for inexperienced crocheters, and I must agree…the free patterns I write have better explanations than the one that is published in this book. I am using the stitch counts, but for actual placement, I went by what I learned from this lovely free pattern when I made the mermaid dolls last year:

I hope to make three that are already claimed– brown, pink and blue/green-skinned with curly yellow hair…don’t you just love children’s imaginations? 🙂

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