Tantalizing Textures


It began with Pinterest. Doesn’t it always? 🙂 That clever photo that caught my eye…similar to this one:

The “moss stitch”, it was called. Sc, ch-1…how simple. Using a different color each line gives a woven, almost tapestry look. Here is my messenger bag in moss stitch stripe.


That was more than a year ago…

Vintage is in. Clever old stitches are rediscovered and put to new use. “How did you do that?!?” is a byword amongst creative types, wouldn’t you say?

So I began a little rabbit-trail journey.
How many variations were there? What were they called?
If sc, ch-1 looks that way, what about hdc, ch-1? Dc, ch-1? What if I skip two stitches? Or three?

One day I saw the spider stitch! And wanted more…
I began to hunt seriously then. Don’t you just love google?

I began to experiment, chasing down stitch names, cross-referencing patterns and trying different combinations. And it was fun. 🙂

Most of these stitches have more than one name, or several variations. They all have cool textures and endless possibilities. You can make a cowl, or neck scarf, a washcloth, or a darling elfin baby bonnet…or a sampler afghan….the sky’s the limit!

I’ve included the basic stitch combination for each of the following. If you need information on multiples for chain length or turning, type the stitch name into your search engine for more detailed instruction. And don’t be afraid to experiment! Happy hooking!

The Spider
*(Sc, ch 1, sc) in the same st, sk next st, repeat*

I saw the most darling baby bonnet made out of this a while back. I didn’t know what created the effect, at the time. Now I do! It looks amazing in white cotton. I shall add it to my to do list for spring. ❤

The Wattle
*(sc, ch 1, dc) in same st, sk next st, repeat*

I love the spiky fans in this. Such a neat effect! And simple…this is excellent in variegated yarn, too.

The Grit
*(2sc in same st), sk next st, repeat*

Repeat Crafter Me has a gorgeous daisy applique afghan done in grit stitch squares. It works up quickly and gives such a nice texture. I used it on my pink camo baby afghan. (No pictures until that has been received! 🙂 Sorry!)

Crunchy Stitch
*hdc, sl st across*

This one has a fun diagonal cross bar. I like the modern look. Somewhat masculine, too. Great effect!

Texture (Not Quite A Bobble) Stitch
*(sc, 2dc) in same st, sk next 2 st*

This would make nice washclothes, or a cozy infinity scarf. It almost looks like a bobble stitch, but works up quickly, unlike the popcorn stitch in the bobble, which is more time-consuming.

Airy Shell
*(2dc, ch 2, sc) in same st, sk next 3 st, repeat across*

I don’t know the name for this one, really…I came across it searching “textured crochet stitches” and liked it. It is strikingly similar to a C2C or Corner-to-Corner afghan (those are fun to make too!) but again, just that much simpler.

There you have it!

Quick, easy stitches that look harder than they are 🙂 and make a fascinating array of textures for gifts, clothing, accessories and more. Great for stocking-stuffer dishclothes or beanies, too!


Until next time…
I’m off to finish my projects! Dare I say it? Christmas is coming!

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