Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge


I am up to my ears in diapers and damp burp clothes and so glad to take a moment away to think about crochet!

It has rained here since yesterday afternoon:

I found an odd hour yesterday to nearly finish my daughter’s star afghan.

I LOVE how simple these are! Free pattern here:

And the 12-point Spiderman version is fabulous! I would love to make one using this:

But my time is so limited…I am happy to finish this one.


Whenever things get terribly busy and we begin to run down, the first thing to go is that creative spark, don’t you think? Life has a way of beating us up a bit. So I was terribly pleased to find myself designing a marvelous new-to-me edge for this blanket, completely spur-of-the-moment! Babies and toddlers at my feet, tweens at their textbooks…and out it came.


I love it! And I want to share, it is so simple yet pretty– my favorite kind of pattern!


Here is a sample worked in three different colors to show the rows more clearly:

And here is the pattern:

Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge

Row 1: dc across
Row 2: sc in first st, trp in next, repeat across, ending with sc. The trp will “pop” out on the right side of your work.
Row 3: sl st in sc, work 3hdc in trp, repeat across.

To work a corner: sl st, then crochet 2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc in corner sp.

This edge can be adapted to finish any afghan or clothing item; it is just so simple and versatile. I love the texture!

Happy Tuesday! 😀
Next week…all about pumpkins!



4 thoughts on “Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge

  1. Ma. Del Socorro Herrera Romero

    El tapete estrella está fenomenal, solo comprar el estambre y ya a ponerme a tejer gracias por el patrón

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