Rainbow’s End


My day has been just a wee bit busy! The long-awaited twins have arrived. They are five months and simply sweet. My girls are thrilled! It has been a lovely day of feedings and crying and spit-ups and changes. So many excellent skills for my eleven- and twelve-year-old to learn. They have been the best helpers.

I spent a few hours sewing and weaving ends over the weekend! And the light is right for a granny TA DAAA! 🙂

So here she is, with the promised tips and links for joining motifs.

Center patchwork:
For the center squares, I sewed a simple whipstitch through the back loops. I love the stripey look it makes, but I confess, I don’t use this method often since I would rather crochet than sew! I do suggest a good yarn needle, that really helps.


Here is a link with a whipstitch diagram:

Granny stripes:
To transition from the squares to the rounds of granny stripes, I simple double-crocheted around in the first color, then in the second round, double crocheted three times in every third stitch. I changed color every round.


For my next set of granny squares, I crocheted one round, changed color, crocheted a second round, and on the third round, joined the square to the stripes (and the square or squares next to it) with a single crochet in between each set of three double crochets.

This is called a Join-As-You-Go method, and I prefer these, as it eliminates the need to sew much! 🙂
A tutorial for joining squares is here:

My favorite jaygo method, which I did NOT use for this blanket 🙂 is here:
So pretty! I love clever things.

For the second set of granny stripes, I wanted to try a different look, so instead of dc around, I sc in between every three st, then chained 3. This created a different type of base for the stripes. I also worked two rounds in each color, instead of one.


I liked how this matched the sc joins in the squares and created a uniform look.


So here she is! I tried several fancy edgings, but they were too frilly, so I simply ended on a pretty red.



TA DAA! I hope you have enjoyed watching her grow as much as I have. Happy Tuesday!


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