Voracious V-Stitch Variation


Hello, hello and happy Tuesday!

Are the kids back in school where you are? I start back to work with my fall crowd soon. Enjoying every last minute with my brother’s children before they head back to school next week. My own start the following week…I will have one in high school, one in elementary, and homeschool the middle two. It will be nice to have that time together.

It is too hot today (and too busy over the weekend) to work on my latest project, but I did treat myself the end of last week and start something new!

You can find the free pattern here:

I don’t have Angie’s gift for color design…but I like mine well enough so far!


A simple v-stitch with a clever 2-dc cluster…I feel like I am working the blanket upside-down, but it comes out just right!

I made quite a bit of progress the end of last week.

I am a bit chagrined to discover the large amount of worsted weight yarn shades in my collection! I think I went twenty-five rows or more without repeating a color…

Midway through stitching, I began to wonder how it could be done in a square. What would the corners look like? Could I give it a nice sharp point?

It took three quite serious attempts to make something similar to the picture in my head… I imagined a giant granny square blanket, but of course I don’t have enough yarn… πŸ™‚

There is never enough yarn in this house! πŸ˜‰

Along about Friday afternoon I decided it needed to be set on point.

And here it is!

I am thinking of edging in white…or making a pillow?

First I must get my non-crochet tasks done this week… 😦

Happy hooking!
Would anyone like the square pattern? Or is there something similar already out there?

Enjoy your week!

17 thoughts on “Voracious V-Stitch Variation

  1. The square came out nice. It would make a uniquely decorative pillow or an afghan. I haven’t seen anything similar to your square.
    I do like the colors in your v-stitch afghan. I also have the same problem as you-there is NEVER enough yarn in my house either! With all the ideas floating in my head, I probably will never have enough yarn (without going broke) or time to do everything I want.

  2. I really like your blanket and the colors, glad to read that you are going to share your square pattern with us I am looking forward to the pattern the square looks great! πŸ™‚

  3. Evelyn

    I( just found your site. Do you have the pattern for the square. I love it and I’m not having any luck doing it myself.

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