Hello, Dolly –Summer Fun!


Hello, hello, we are back! I sooo missed posting last week. We were at a lovely, lovely cabin– with no internet! Lots of family time and cousins and just plain peace and quiet watching the pretty lake ripple.

Today’s post is all for 18-inch dollies! We have a manufacturer’s base not far from here and are blessed to know someone who works there! So each of my girls have a doll or two from the famous Pleasant Co. peeps.

I was in the mood for cotton, still, and lace…so I whipped up a little summer top.


Goodness, the varigated yarns were pretty! I’ve made several more since then!

Then came the request from my littlest one for a longer dress…a simple shell stitch did the trick and away we went!

I look forward to publishing the pattern!

And coming soon…just started working on an adorable v-stitch afghan today from le monde de sucrette! Here is hers if you’d like to peek:

First few rows! Here:

For the stripes I used this fun random generator from biscuits and jam to plan the colors:

Happy Tuesday! We pray for peace.


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