Vacation-ish Etsy Adventures


Hello and Happy-Post-Vacation Monday! Yes, there are mountains of laundry and small piles of clutter everywhere…I am enjoying putting our home back in order today. I do, however, have another project looming. Something I have been putting off for months, no, YEARS now…always with the excuse that “I just don’t have the time!”

If you have been with us long, you know I have a good two to three jobs, not including wife, or mother! (Which could one or both be considered full-time tasks themselves, for sure and certain.) This week, circumstances have entirely aligned themselves and I am NOT WORKING…or chauffeuring, or volunteering, studying, supervising…

Other than my four daughters and meals, my (unpaid) time is my own. It will go quickly!

My response? Dream-chasing! I despise waste, and it will not at all do to fritter away a week. So in addition to cleaning the house and having a few small (local and cheap) adventures with the girls, I will revisit something that has dangled just out of reach for too, too long: The Sparkly Toad Shop on Etsy.

My biggest obstacle? My own perfectionism.

Having managed my own home and business finances over the years, that part should be all right. But the pictures! I know that I MUST have good photos. I’ve been all over the web looking at crocheted items and there are some awful shots out there…and some perfectly gorgeous ones. Guess which I prefer to aim for?

I have been doing a little self-study and found some marvelous resources on home studio and photo shoots.


1.        Use the best quality camera you can afford.
2.       Use your camera’s ‘macro’ setting for close-up shots.
3.        Natural light is your best bet.
4.       Use props to accompany your items.
5.       Use a background that makes your item stand out.
6.       Take several shots from various angles.
7.       Use a photo editor to improve your images.

For more detail on each tip, be sure to check out the link above.


As for me, I am very visual, and love this picture of how to set up the shot.


And a second option:

And this site…absolutely fabulous! Best information and explanations I’ve seen. Thanks, Camera Jim!

Love the bunny how-to illustrations:



And then the tips for clothing…this is the information I need to capture my textile shots.

I confess, the one site I have NOT found helpful is the Etsy Q&A. These were much more informative.

So, a few supplies! Some cloth and/or paper, clamps, lamps, props and a tripod…I have most of it around the house…AND time this week to gather things together. Wish me luck!


Now off to finish this, my first baby cocoon, as we are headed to visit a sweet new baby in a bit! It would be good to complete the gift. 😉


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