Summertime Baby Dress– Our Darling Charlotte


I have been saving something special for this week’s blog!

A crochet and fabric toddler dress…I am not the best seamstress, but it turned out! And all in an afternoon.

Summer is so different from the school year. Last week I had diapers and babies and quiet time during naps, and this week it is older children and meals and roving adventures to the local park…

I love it all, but I have been fretting about the change. The good news is it has been much smoother than I expected! I think I shall enjoy our summer after all.

So the dress. We have been minding the sweetest baby the last six months. Really. Her parents are delightful, and she is just precious. Her time with us was coming to an end (at least until fall), and I so wanted to make her something handmade for her first birthday, which is today!

I was so pressed for time, the final week of the school year, but here it is:


Using some pretty self-striping cotton yarn, I crocheted a granny square bodice and chose fun coordinating fat quarters to make the skirt.


I calculated the approximate width for the skirt (44″) and sewed it in 4-inch strips.


I knew I wanted to gather it, so I doubled the width, but I think I should have tripled it, even, for more fullness. Next time.


I then pinned the bodice to skirt and sewed away!


It really came together nicely. I had seen several cute ones on Pinterest, and though my time limited my efforts, it is darling. ♡


And she liked it! Sweet baby.
Happy birthday, Charlotte!




Happy hooking!

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