Engaging Entrelac and Shots of Spring


I’m early this week! My Tuesday post shall be written Sunday evening. There is a reason for this…

It is the last week of school!
Summer madness begins shortly. This happens every year.
I draw a breath, dive into the season, and when I break surface, it will be September, if I am lucky. If not, it will be next November, and mid-holiday rush. Or even June, again, a whole year gone.

Time is so inconsistent! And family life so full. I’d not trade it for the world. And how I wish it kept the precious moments longer. But so it is.

I dearly want to show you my pretties! They are so terribly late this year, by several months! Irises, my favorite. Gifted from the previous owner and another dear neighbor.


I am so thankful they survived out record cold. My pretty rose bushes did not.

And now my new trick! I have been longing to try entrelac crochet. Sometimes called tunisian. To my delight, it wasn’t hard at all. I experimented with several versions this past week. Here are a free tutorial and patterns:

Crochet Crowd –Entrelac Video


Here are my first rounds in-the-round:

And here by row:

It was fun to experiment with the different angles of the squares. And easy! I made one or two rows too many times quite often, and had to pull out my work! Ooo, i just had an IDEA about that! Stripes…instead of squares! Hmmm, I will have to see if that works.

Stay tuned! And have a lovely week.

3 thoughts on “Engaging Entrelac and Shots of Spring

  1. You will find the Tunisian crochet very interesting the stitches of Tunisian even prettier than the basic and are not very hard to do. Enjoy the summer with your family and the new stitches they are enjoyable.

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