Owl Obsession Oblivion


You know the rules!

The Sparkly Toad does NOT buy patterns.

Sure, she hopes to SELL them someday…but not today…

I love, love, love Owl Obsession by Marken of The Hat and I.

And I confess, she has me beat. 🙂 There are some parts to the pattern I can’t quite manage. Yet!

The most perplexing matter was joining the owl motifs to the solid colored background.

I made several attempts, but the backside came out lumpy, bumpy awful.
Not nice for a sweet baby gift.

So we invented our own version! And used applique instead of joined motifs.

Here are the first hexie attempts:

I like the pattern so much! It needs a name. Something with SNOW, I think. It almost seems a pity to sew anything over it. I may make another and leave it plain.

One to go!

And now with the owls…

That’s as far as we are today! It was a lovely holiday weekend.
♡ Thank you to my sweet husband who has been in service to our country for over 20 years.

I spent last evening perusing edging options. I’ll keep you updated!
Happy hooking!

Update…the triangles are in! Still contemplating the edging.


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