Monkey Love


Okay, enough with the afghans! Last week it snowed. Twice. This week it is eighty and humid!

Too hot to make blankets?

Amigurumi time!

You remember Mr. Giraffe?

No, not that one, let me try again…

There he is! And now I have had requests for several more, not suprisingly. He IS cute!

Thankfully I wrote the pattern out well enough to decipher my scribbled notes.

But now onto something new…his cousin, little Miss Monkey!

Appendages first!

There we are…now head and trunk…

Nicely done. And now, all sewn and garnished:

Not bad for my first try! And no pattern. I’ve several ideas in mind for the next ones!

But first, a few more giraffes!

Legs are coming along nicely.

Want to make your own? These are my designs, but I started with (and loosely based them on) this wonderful free pattern, making a zebra, tiger, frog, duck and several darling teddy bears last year as gifts:

Happy creature-crafting!


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