Crazy Square Days


I am so excited! Mikey (from The Crochet Crowd) was right. He posted this afghan on facebook and said it took two days. Whaaaaat?!? It actually made me a little grumpy– mostly because I was drowning in to-do lists and toddlers and wishing for a quiet evening of crochet, at the time!

I soothed myself by sorting my yarn.
First, a bit of winding…and untangling!

Then to choose the colors…I meant to have eleven, but somehow it ended up at ten, I discovered later. I think…I’m still not sure, as I get interrupted every time I go to count. There are eight children here, even now as I write this, arguing over whose turn it is to hold the baby…

So my colors…

I gathered them in a basket, and there they sat. It was at least a week. In the meantime, I DID order a new hook, and it arrived! I think I posted that before, my apologies, but here it is again…

Then I found a few minutes one evening and whipped off the first three rounds– such pretty flowers!

I love the variety of color! It wasn’t a quiet weekend (May is always full of things), but I did have a few more hours to hook. The end table piled up nicely.


And Monday night I finished the final round of color!

Here are the squares:

And the octagons with one round to go…

Now for the layout! Here’s a rough draft:

And a sneak peek of a few of my helpers…

Want to make your own? It is a lovely free pattern from redheart:

Happy hooking! ♡

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