Winter Dragons


It is doing the unspeakable today.
Granted, we live in an area typical for long winters.
But this season has been longer than most…by MONTHS…and it did this today:

Very unusual for this time of year…and rather heartless of mother nature, I think.
I actually had all the snow gear washed up and put away…but out came the snow pants and boots again this morning!

I am watching the ice fall off the power lines as I write this. Thankfully, it is warm enough that the roads are clear, as folks are off to work and school bright and early, regardless.

Now, onto a more cheery subject! I have finished a multitude of WIPs (works in progress) that have been rather hanging over my head…are you ready?

1. The giraffe is done! Ta-da! This guy has been sitting in my work basket for about six months off and on. I am so pleased with the result! His owner-to-be is delighted.


He was inspired by the giraffes here:

Now I can begin my next amigurumi with a clear conscience!

And here he is…I need to make at least two, for requests…

Paid pattern from etsy:

Free pattern:


We shall see what I come up with…I usually surprise myself!

2. The  Sweetheart Reversible Ripple, yay! Eight weeks, not too shabby a timeframe for an afghan…

The lace edge was an excellent choice, I think. Want to see it from the beginning? Go here:

3. My bohemian tapestry tablet tote or Spring Stripe Satchel:

Now I can haul my tablet around town in style and take pictures to my heart’s content this summer. Find the weave pattern here:

4. And…it is certainly not complete…but I have finalized the DESIGN for the Baby Jungle-theme Afghan after four weeks of deliberation. Here are the basic squares…


Here are several of the trial and errors…

I have a dozen shades and skeins I considered but only those four colors and pattern made the cut. I used these cute bears from Dada’s place as my starting point…


After the base is finished, the fun will start as I add appliques similar to these:

Such cuteness!

And up next, later this week…chickie hat cuteness!!! Just in time for Easter.

Happy spring! At least, we hope spring will come, eventually!


3 thoughts on “Winter Dragons

      • Sanderella's Crochet

        Your welcome! I am just waiting to hear from my blog designer….she is doing a makeover and sending me over to…..I can not wait for some changes, and I am busy trying to get a few things in order on my end! You have a very nice page!!

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