Petit-dejeuner and a couple of chicks


I have had such pretty meals lately! I think it was the nice weather. Makes a girl feel like a salad. Or a pretty danish.

It is the little things that make life sweet. So here is my gratitude list today.

Last week’s lunch…I do love my pretty blue bowls.

And my lovely breakfast:

And a treat over the weekend…our sweet neighbor invited our girls for baking, and they made THESE:

Delicious! Not to mention they had a lovely visit..and I had a quiet house for several hours. ♡

Now, onto crochet fun!

As you know, there are only a few days left until…Easter!
There are such sweet spring crochet hats out there…here are the two I just made for darling babies.



So simple, sweet and quick. I used the basic hat pattern from

And a really good free diaper cover pattern here

The bow pattern:
Ch 8 (or desired length for size), turn, start in second ch from hook
Rows 1-3: Hdc 6 (one stitch in each st across), ch 2, turn
Edge: sc around entire rectangle, do not finish off.

Wrap yarn around middle and cut, leaving tail for sewing. You may also crochet a chain and wrap it around, sewing it in place, but I like this look best.

For bigger bows, make a longer starting chain and crochet more rows before edging.

Add some buttons, and there you are!
Chickie cuteness.
Happy spring!

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