Wondrous Wool Soakers


Happy Monday! I am early on the blog this week, the baby is having a good nap!
I have been having an adventure these past few weeks…one I thought I was well-past, as my own are grown and in school, but a dear cousin had a special request.

She is cloth-diapering, and wanted some wool soakers for diaper covers. She sent me several helpful links and I learned all kinds of interesting facts. But more about that in a moment!

Having not yet worked with wool, this was the first hurdle. What kind of yarn to buy, and where? A bit of research pointed to this one:

The Lion brand Fisherman’s wool is worsted weight and quite reasonably priced– twice perfect! It comes neatly wrapped in individually sealed packages from Amazon.

My next objective? To find a suitable pattern in crochet, as the majority were knit. This one fit the bill nicely:

I had a little issue with guage…I DO crochet rather loosely, and ended up cutting this pattern literally in half. My first attempt resembled an adult size large, ha ha!

I also found when crocheted as written (it IS a free pattern), one leg came out much tighter than the other, due to the starting chain.

So began challenge number three…learning to do a standing half-double crochet to start, instead of crochet chain.

Thanks to a helpful YouTube tutorial by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd…

that challenge was also met, and conquered!

In fact, the only thing that I DIDN’T manage to learn was to dye with Kool-Aid for a range of vibrant colors…there just hasn’t been enough time in the day. I’ll get there yet.

So for now, embellishments and ties are colored cotton. Still cute! I look forward to making more as her darling baby grows.

Although much of what I read said the wool will stretch marvelously! I measured, and the waist range for these was 12-18 inches, oh my! Excellent.

They are just cuteness! I do love (other people’s) babies. ♡




Happy Monday!

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