Cake Style– Rocking the Eighties


It was a bittersweet week. The dark, long winter days are nearly over.  The clocks have sprung ahead. The first day of spring arrived– at least on the calendar, as we did have snow last night, hopefully for the last time this season. Soon the rush of summer will be upon us.

I can be a little thoughtless about birthdays. I didn’t used to be. It is one of several things I let go when I left my pursuit of perfectionism. Too much pressure to have fabulous, expensive parties. So now we just eat a little cake. And maybe give a gift.

But the Sweet Sixteen is special. It snuck up on me a bit, but still, we managed to pull it off. Two parties– a dinner and a dessert reception, diamond earrings, and a converse tennis shoe- themed decor. 🙂

How to make cake look like a sneaker…

My attempt at pink camoflage cake batter in a 9×13 pan.

Cutting and stacking.

Carved and crumb-coated.

Marshmallow fondant.

Trimmed and water-spritzed.

Trim and frosting laces.

Voila. Sneaker cake! Pinterest was a great help, and fondant makes everything easier.

I couldn’t help adding cookies on a stick to make it just that much more festive.

It was a lovely party.

And so fitting that our vivacious eldest was born on the first day of spring. She is a constant delight, a breath of fresh air in our lives.

Happy spring!


2 thoughts on “Cake Style– Rocking the Eighties

  1. Beverly Hellenbrand

    I need a first grand baby GIRL gift for Marsha at the Ultimate for June! She has three grand sons. It would be great advertising for The Sparkly Toad. Something girlish, colorful, fun and EZ to make just in case you get orders!

    Bev h. Sent from my iPad


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