Family Fun– Going Up!


Just one nice day so far…out of the last ten or so…the temperature has been hovering right around freezing, despite our longings for spring! Projects help to keep us busy, for certain.

One of our neighbors offered us a loft bed she no longer needed. At first I dismissed the idea, since most days I feel a bit overcrowded with furniture as it is! Six seats at the table, six in the family room, six beds, six dressers…books, toys, craft supplies…the house seemed larger when we moved in three people ago. 🙂

But the loft bed, as I was saying…my second daughter took a liking to the idea, and her father gave the go-ahead. Just one obstacle left: it was a fire-engine red, and her room is the colors of the seashore– gentle aqua, cliffbank brown and golden sand. The red must go. And I am a busy mama, with no time to paint in the foreseeable future.

But then we had our one glorious spring day, and I said they might have a go at it while I did a few things. I made sure they all had old clothes on, and sent them out!

Bed-Painting, Take 1:

Then my poor husband called and pointed out we have plenty of tarps, after seeing the picture online of his poor garage floor…

Bed-Painting, Take 2:

They missed a few spots, to be sure, but overall did pretty well. Daddy and I set it up over the weekend, to their delight.

That remaining red triangle makes me laugh! I’ll paint it when I get a chance…once it is warm enough to open windows! One of my favorite things about being a mother of four is how relaxed I have become. Children bring such clarity to life– they remind me constantly of my actual priorites, and regularly humiliate me out of my foolish pride in appearance! They bring such joy and truth to life.

Here’s a shot of our one spring day! Snowing again now, but the weather will turn soon, we hope!

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