Spring Stripe Satchel


I have a current love affair with containers. Who doesn’t love a pretty storage space? And now with the advent of Pinterest I can browse designs and dream of spaces I’d never have imagined.

I had a wonderful dilemma yesterday. The weather was glorious! Yes, glorious! Last week we were barely hanging onto our sanity, housebound as we were. Then came a single day of spring, and we packed a season’s worth of adventure in!

So my tiny problem…

I have officially transitioned to taking most of my photographs with my tablet, instead of our family camera. With the advent of warmer weather, I need some way to port it around town, secure but hands-free.

I have been wishing to make a little something for myself, too, after a long winter of orders. And I love bags. Handbags, purses, knapsacks, drawstring satchels, messenger bags– I love them!

definition of satchel

So to celebrate (hopefully) the beginnings of warmer weather, I began a messenger satchel for my essentials when we go gadding about and am delighted to share the first part with you today!

Spring Stripe Satchel Messenger Bag

Worsted weight acrylic
H hook, 5mm

Ch 80, turn
*Note: for a firmer texture, insert hook BETWEEN each st, instead of under the top v
Row 1: Ch 2, hdc across, turn (80 st)
Rows 2-5: repeat row 1


Now for the fun part! Using any color…
Row 6: hdc, ch 1, skip next st, across

Here is a picture of what the first row (of color) looks like:

Rows 7-9: repeat row 6, changing color each row
*Note: in row 7-9, hdc in ch-1 sp from previous row AND insert hook through back loop of row below that to create firmer weave.


Here is a chart, if you like. It is written in sc, so I simply substituted hdc. I have seen this called both the Moss Stitch and the Linen Stitch.

Repeat pattern to desired height. I plan to make my bag about 14×17 inches, so my rectangle will be 28×17 inches when worked. Only six inches to go!


Now, for sewing up the side and attaching the handle…if you’d like to forge ahead, feel free to use your imagnation. Otherwise we will continue next time, with a pretty striped handle and some fun spring embroidery and appliques.


Happy crocheting!



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