Holidays are irresistable to the avid crocheter. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your own holiday wear.

Here are my St. Paddy’s Day favorites:

1. The Shamrock- like other traditional shapes, the four-leaf clover has its challenges. I prefer my appliques to have nice definition, and I do a lot of baby items, so I need a smaller option.

Here are my two top picks:

And the tiny ones:

2. The Leprechaun! Amigurumi never ceases to amaze me. The search results for this one blew my mind. Here is an adorable free pattern from Red Heart.

3. Irish lace
Irish crochet is on my To-Learn list. Here is a pretty beaded doily that brings that to mind.

4. The Beard Hat
These are so funny! An Irish top hat and red beard make it seasonally appropriate.

I have yet to find a free pattern for these…maybe I’ll write my own. I made one a couple weeks ago and it turned out on the first try!

5. And a couple more spring designs I love…just for fun. Add a shamrock, if you like! 🙂


There we are. Just in time for the holiday. Irish blessings to ya!



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