Just Another Tuesday Morning


Well, it has been quite the day around here! But all’s well that ends well.
I seem to be a day or so behind these days–my Monday blog posts have gravitated to Tuesdays, for example!– and my crochet orders are running a business day, or two, behind as well…

It is partly the weather…and the baby…and that little something inside that occasionally finds me saying yes, I will do that when perhaps NO would have been better…

In fact, when I take things into consideration, we aren’t doing too badly at all! It has been a monstrous cold winter. And the baby did just learn to crawl (helloooo, childproofing!), and I do have three part time jobs. There. I feel better just typing it out.

I have just a few sweet projects I wanted to share today! I looked forward to working on them all weekend…and then was too busy, and too tired (I know none of you can relate, certainly) and didn’t get to work until the last few hours of Sunday evening.

Once I got started, though, I made good progress!

A giraffe I have been working on since early October…perhaps I took my customer a bit literally when she assured me there was no hurry? Nearly finished now.

And a cute character hat… (I am such a Rankin-Bass “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” fan– so many happy childhood holiday memories). Here is the snow beast!

And then the ladies emailed about the chemo caps for charity– see my previous post, Gifts of Love–

And I needed to package a sweet infant set for shipping…


There never seems quite enough time to pay the bills, and do the shopping, and cooking, and cleaning, and I had a rather long to-do list for my honey on his morning off,

which changed the instant I stepped into the kitchen this morning. Because from somewhere in the direction of the refrigerator and microwave came the sound of rushing water quite similar to Niagra Falls!

A frozen, broken pipe: fortunately, it was an easy fix, and our kind neighbor even lent us the tools!

Thankfully, we had only a few hours without water, especially with little ones in the house.
We melted fresh snow for daddy’s morning coffee. 🙂


So grateful for a quick, easy repair job! And kind neighbors. Life is good.


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