Sweet Something for the Sweet


I have been working on a little something…it is a special order AND a challenge.

I do love to look at a picture and figure out the pattern myself.

So here is my version of the reversible heart ripple afghan… ta da!



I like half-double crochet much better than double crochet, I confess, I have no idea why, but I love Angie’s ripple afghan, so I started with that and converted it to hdc.

Here is the link to her free ripple pattern:
ripples of happiness

And here is the link to the reversible sweetheart ripple on Ravelry:
sweetheart reversible ripple

I am glad my customer doesn’t need this by Valentine’s Day! I don’t think I would quite make it….

May your life be full of love this week and always!


26 thoughts on “Sweet Something for the Sweet

  1. Marwah

    Wow ! It’s beautiful !
    And the colour you chose are so nice !!
    I agree with Sandra , your version looks more β€˜stylish’ πŸ˜‰
    So creative of you to figure out pattern by looking at picture πŸ™‚
    Would love to see the pattern

  2. watos7

    Love your version. I’ve got two grand babies on the way and would love your pattern to make them something special. Well done on your skill and creativity!

  3. michela

    Gorgeous! I would love to make one but lately I have been better off doing simple patterns. And I even messed up a simple stitch shawl! Haha. This is beautiful!!

      • Michela

        I don’t have any friends who crochet or knit…..my problem was my husband was talking to me at the time I was crocheting….and I completely forgot two rows! I was too tired to have a hook in my hand!! Haha

  4. Mary Lee

    Would love your pattern, too. So frustrating that this and your link actually show up under FREE patterns but actually aren’t. Great job on your project.

  5. Barbara

    I purchased this pattern however, the directions are difficult to follow. I did everything it said and mine do not look like the photos. It appears that the valley part were also stitched in but the pattern says to skip those two stitches (which is what you would do to keep the valley of the ripple). If anyone out there can help me, I sure would appreciate help. I love hearts and would love to make this afghan (especially after I spent money on the pattern).

    • Hello Barbara, have you contacted the designer? That would be your first step. Also, there is a group on ravelry that might be able tp help you, as well as a facebook group called Crochet Addict with over 70, 000 members and I have found them very helpful! Oh, I hope you can work things out! I do not own this pattern so I am afraid I don’t know the answer. Best wishes!

  6. Tracy

    I love your modified version. The hdc would make it go much quicker, for me anyway lol. Can you tell me how many times you yarned over in place of the fptc to make it the correct height for the hdc?

  7. Liz

    I’m trying to make this pattern and looking for the pattern of the sweetheart reversable pattern. This picture you posted looks like you did the pattern but when I follow it it is just for the reversable ripple. You show the sweetheart patterned blanket, but you purchased it from Annie’s Attic, Am I correct in saying this? Trying to do this for a friends B’day gift and she feel in love with this pattern. Any help would be appreciated.

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