The Coldest Day of the Year


Hello, hello!
Anyone actually glad it is Monday? I am, rather…nice to get back the our week-a-day routine.
I spent the last bit of last week and much of the weekend recovering from a nasty cold bug that was most  likely the influenza…other than a chest a bit sore from coughing and being easily tired, I am mostly myself again!

I was so busy concentrating on recovery that I hardly picked up a hook the last several days. I did start a tunic, for myself, that I am quite excited about! I posted the link to the diagrams on facebook join us on facebook a week or so ago…here it is:

summer tunic dress


The bottom picture is about what I have done at this point; I am truly pleased with my results, as I have tried clothing in the past and been less than successful. My skills have expanded quite a bit this last year, thanks to the internet and a lot of wonderful fellow artists!

And in honor of the Winter Olympics 2014 (and my own daughter who curls with our high school varsity team), I designed a new hat last week: to look like a curling house! We know two of the ladies on the American team, and are rooting for them all the way! The hat isn’t quite finished yet, but here’s what I have so far:


I ran out of white yarn, and need another skein of purple to finish an order, however, we are facing record cold temps the next couple days, again…and my aching chest tells me to stay indoors.

I am off to make another cup of tea…and so thankful the children are playing nicely in the next room. Happy hooking! Hope you are well!

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