Mood Afghan Crochet-Along 2014



So I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but I love the idea of a Mood-‘Ghan. And with the housebound weather in this part of the country, you can bet a LOT of my squares will be along this palette for at least a few more weeks…

But since misery loves company, join me! You can adjust the rules however you like, it’s your project! Here’s how I am going to do mine:

1. Crochet a square each day for a year with colors reflecting your “mood.”

We have a busy house, so I will set my personal goal at 3-5 squares per week. That should be do-able. They don’t take too long. I am also not going to sweat about missing the month of January, although I may crochet a few extras if I want to!

2. Join.

I am going to join-as-I-go. That works much better for my personality style than sewing them all together at the end! The holidays will already be busy. I like pretty corners, so I chained 5 in the corners for a more decorative join.

3. Weave ends.

I am going to sew in my ends weekly, again, to avoid a big year end task. I’ll pick a day to be “sewing day” as I typically have embellishments than need to be sewn for orders, as well.

4. Crochet a border.

I know just which one I want to use! I will post a picture when I get a chance…the kids are heading for the car at the moment and I better join them since I’m the driver. 😛

Happy hooking!

Day two:
Here is the next square! You can start to see the join; it is a bit of an experiment…

And, as promised, the border…I LOVE this one, and it is a free pattern; you can find the link here:

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! I woke up with a nasty cold, so I think I will settle in for a quiet day. Be well, and blessed.

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