Get A Room


So today has been all about  joining, here…except for the chicken beak, but let’s talk about that another day.

Apparantly I’ve looked at too many pictures on Pinterest, because I was trying to use a join for circle grannies (like the ravelry sunburst pattern) on squares.

This is what I thought I was trying to make:


Except I wanted it more like this:

Weird, I know…so I made my five-round grannys  (color just in the first round, then all the rest cream), and began to join as I go. But I only did a chain 3 btw granny clusters, so it isn’t visible.

And then it sat in my collection of random wips, for maybe six months?

Today I pulled it out again. Thought maybe the squares should be smaller? Tried the sunburst join:

Still not as decorative as I’d like.

So I tried something I read a while ago– a lattice stitch where you drop the yarn off the hook and pick it up through the loop on the adjacent square.  Yes!

A gorgeous openwork join. But now I want to try it in different color edging! Wouldn’t that be pretty? A two-color twist, different on each side; I love it.

But alas, my free time for today is over. 😦

And to my consternation, I found this on my own Pinterest board as I was pulling up the sunburst granny! I have to laugh, as I thought I had come up with that idea myself…wonder what else is buried in my subconscious?

That will do for now.
Have a lovely day!


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