Spinach Chicken, a Giraffe and Some Zebras


Hello…happy Monday! Schools here are canceled for two days due to the extreme cold. Which means a full house for us, since my brother’s children join us then, too! The cousins have been playing rapturiously and riotously all day…a little noisy, but so sweet as I well remember my own delight when school was canceled, long ago!

I have been busy with the hook…today was a bit of pattern experimentation for a special order.

Zebra, zebra, zebra! The spike stitch was the winner, you can find the instructions here: spike crochet stitch

The middle stripe pattern is a half-double crochet with the hook inserted between the stich instead of under the v as usual. I liked the diamond shape it makes, as well as how nicely it lays.

The longer piece on the right is simply a increase/decrease pattern of single crochet rows: 3 blk, 1 wh, 2 blk, 2 wh, 1 blk, 3 wh, etc. I like that one, too. It will be fun to try in color!

And now, something special I worked on yesterday afternoon and well into the evening…
Can you guess? I haven’t done any amigurumi for a bit…so it was fun to get back to it.

Still needs horns, and ears…but I was very happy to complete so much at once. Here is another clue:

When it is finished I very much hope it will look something like this:

Here is the link if you would like to see more of her lovely work:

And finally, something yummy…my sweet husband is off for the holiday and made us dinner: spinach, garlic and chicken lasagne. It smells amazing!


You can find the recipe here: lasagne

Looking forward to a whole evening of crochet, now that my brother has arrived to collect his crew! Stay well and warm. ♡ More pretties coming this way later in the week…I have an owl afghan  design I am so eager to start! Blessings.


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