Bursting Buttons– Preschool Snowman Craft


We have had a busy week here in Winterland! We welcomed a new little precious into our family daycare, which means most of my time and energy is taken up easing the new family into ours as we transition. The daughters that public-school are quite jealous of our lone homeschooler this year, and with good reason:

She is getting all the snuggles!

Keeping preschoolers engaged is always a challenge during the long winter months (it was harder before the internet, though!) One of my alltime favorites is a craft my mother used to do with us: the egg carton creatures.

You can make just about anything out of these: bugs, caterpillars, monsters, people, animals…

We gathered some pipe cleaners, glue, scrap paper and buttons. I also like to use googly eyes, those are fun!

Then, for academic credit, we sorted buttons. First by size, then color.

We stuck some pipe cleaners in for arms, glued buttons, cut hats and boots, and added a marker smile.

Fun, cheap and educational! Now they are on to their free play time. Happy winter!


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