Candy Stripe Granny Ripple Afghan



Happy New Year’s Eve! I pray you are all safe and warm. We are snuggled up on the couch weathering a severe cold snap.


I have had this afghan in my mind for a while now…in fact this is my third attempt, and I think I have it!
Here are my earlier attempts, they are also charming, but not quite what I had in mind…


For this design I combined the Granny Ripple pattern with a pretty color blend I saw on Pinterest called Candy Stripe. I also added a cluster at the decrease because I like it tighter…and I am so pleased with the result!

My New Year wishlist includes crochet design software…please comment if you have one you recommend!

In the meantime, I will write this out as a pattern and sketch the chart, oh, by next week, I think. My first free pattern design! I am excited! I am still learning how to arrange the blog…to display different categories, menus, etc. Thank you for your patience! And…


thank you to my daughter for the loan of her monkey socks for my cold feet while she is at her New Year’s Eve party tonight. 🙂 I am glad to stay home and hook! The snowfall has been lovely to watch.

May you be blessed, old aquaintances and new, dear friends and loved ones all, in this New Year! Yes, God bless us, every one.
Happy New Year!

Update: here is a chart for the pattern! My variation uses three dc at each end, instead of another cluster, since I designed it myself…but I like this idea! Maybe even better than mine. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Candy Stripe Granny Ripple Afghan

  1. Barbara Rust

    Have you written a pattern on the Candy Stripe Ripple Blanket? I love that and would love to make it! I can’t read a chart no matter how hard I try, Thank You, Barb

  2. Lorraine

    I have never done a Granny Ripple but your pix have inspired me! I love, love the third pix above with granny squares at the bottom. It looks like you made the squares and then continued with the granny ripple above them, finishing with a white granny row below. My question is: Did you just slip stitch the squares together where they meet, or is there a way to attach as you go? I love that you don’t have the white completely around each square. Thanks.

    • Yay, i love to inspire and be inspired by other crafty people! 🙂
      To attach the squares, lay them out and add them in as you go! Much more fun than sewing them together– just double crochet into the spaces as if they were a row of granny ripple and not separate squares. Increase at the tips and decrease in the valleys as indicated on the chart. Happy granny-making!

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