That’s What Little Girl Dreams Are Made Of


We saw FROZEN yesterday! Yes, it was amazing. The music was beautiful, and the color design extraordinary. I fell in love with the Scandinavian motifs throughout. I look forward to crocheting and embroidering inspired new designs!

After the movie, we stopped at our local retailer to pick up some shiny blue fabric…

And embarked on a craft adventure. I am relatively new to sewing…I have a quilt and about a half dozen small purses to my credit. And with the holiday crochet madness, my sewing machine has been quite ignored. Until today!

A year or so ago, a friend of a friend– who just happened to have a bridal shop!– passed on to me a dozen discontinued wedding and bridesmaid dresses. I was thinking of making hand-dyed satin rosettes for hair and clothing accessories. Still am! Someday…but in the meantime, two or three of the dresses have been cut down and altered (by me, just guesswork!) to make pretty princess playdresses.

We pinned the sides while she had it on, then removed her from the dress šŸ™‚ and sewed along the pin line. I used a piece of sleeve to hide where I cut off  the top edge. For the bottom edge, I trimmed it short in front, leaving a rounded train in back.  I used the sequined edge of a stole for front embellishment, just sewing it on the sides.

So my little helper and I spent a pleasant couple hours before I had to go to work making the ice queen’s dress…at least in as much as this mom could manage!

She likes it…when I got up this morning she had it on already, again. Ah, it’s the little things, truly. Simple family life for me, over the rest of the world, any day.

Update: we added a wig!


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