Completely ELF-ish {{30 Days of Christmas Crochet Cuteness}}


I confess, I love Christmas. In fact, it would be hard to find anything about the holiday I don’t like…and I work retail!

And as much as our family strives to keep Christ at the center of our home, I confess to be an absolute Rankin-Bass groupee, too. Frosty, Rudolph, Kris Kringle…I can take only so much claymation cuteness and I start craving my yarn and iPod! Now that I have developed adequate amigurumi proficiency I can actually make those adorable creatures, and more. And if I can do it, so can you! Here are my favorite ELF patterns of the season:

1. Superb ELF socks


These socks are the best thing I’ve seen yet for Christmas novelty! LOVE the slightly aztec design, and bulky yarn means they make up quickly,soft and warm. Here’s the link:

2. Stripey ELF Hat Rage

crochet elf hat free pattern  Long Tail Stripey Hat Pattern - I made up mine for Zander but I'm glad to have a starting point if I ever want to make another.

Elf hats are all over the internet! And so cute. Here is a free pattern from which you can make just about any of the designs you find online…or can dream up!

3. Throwback Elfy-Darlings

crochet elf ornaments

I love spirals! I remember playing with something like this as a child and loving the feel. What a great idea to make elves! Also available: Santa, reindeer and a snowman…so cute!

snowman crochet pattern - curly snowman ornament

4. Best Baby Dolly Elves

lilleliis - world full of amigurumi and cuteness : Kaisu-Märt, Kaisu-Kärt ja Õie-Beebi

These darlings are so precious…and you don’t even have to be able to read Estonian, thanks to Google translate! What an amazing age we live in, that we can share creativity effortlessly across language barriers. This design would make a sweet spring dolly, too.

5. Best Classic Elf Cuteness

Love these guys! She has a great balance and color in the design, and several varieties with the same simple, elegant look.

If you are like me, and refuse to pay for patterns…at least not until giving it a go on my own and learning quite a bit in the process!…here is the link to a basic rounded-limb amigurami– I love this pattern, and have made an entire zoo of animals to give as gifts. Lengthening the limbs will give you the dimensions you need for elf-ishness. She also has some great tips for sewing and lots of helpful pictures.

Little Big Feet :

grey amigurumi hippo

6. ELF Slippers! Or Are They Chili Peppers? 😀

So cute! Learning the crocodile stitch is on my to-do list for this winter. Can’t wait to give it a go. She provides a link for a good tutorial with this pattern:

Happy Hooking! May you be blessed this busy season, and find time to rejoice in life, and family. More Christmas Cuteness next week…All About Nativities!

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