{{30 Days of Christmas Crochet}} ALL ABOUT REINDEER


All about Reindeer!

Here are five of my favorite holiday reindeer patterns:

{{30 Days of Christmas Crochet-Cuteness}}


1. Roly-Poly Reindeer

This one is a free http://www.ravelry.com pattern (I love Ravelry!)


2. Stripey Pete the Reindeer

This one seems to originate from a Dutch website but I ended up looking at little leather shoes…cute, but not a reindeer, lol. For a very similar pattern (It’s a bunny, just add antlers… 🙂


I plan to use this pattern to make the giraffes I posted on facebook a few days ago. I’ve had several requests for those!


Pattern Image Loading


3. Rudolph the Reindeer Hat with Earflaps

Love this quick and easy hat! I made a dozen of these two Christmases ago for my daycare kidlets. They loved them! As they grew, I added more rows on the bottom and they continued to fit.


and here is my beloved MAX pattern (not pictured)



4. Reindeer Cup Cozy

These would make such adorable gifts for friends and co-workers.



5. Reindeer Booties

These little darlings aren’t free…


However here is a link to a basic slipper pattern, just add your own antlers and embroidery and you are good to go!


I typed out a quick antler pattern below.

Tiny Antler pattern:

ch 8, turn, sc in next 3 st, ch 4 (to make prong), turn, sc in 3 st just made (you should be back to original ch 8 at ch 5), sc in each remaining st and finish off. Sew to bootie.


I hope you enjoy these cute reindeer as much as I do. Happy Crocheting!

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