Monday Musings


Good afternoon, all! I’ve decided Monday will be an excellent day to post on The Sparkly Toad. It is so nice to sit down and crochet a bit after a busy weekend with family and long evenings cashiering for a local major retailer. While I checked out customers with busy hands (I wonder if crochet skills helps with the hand over hand of checking, and quickness on the computer touchscreen?), my mind had plenty of time to consider several crochet projects currently in the works.

My sweet little neighbor girl had asked for a purple scarf. I am busy filling holiday orders, but I thought maybe a cowl for her small neck wouldn’t take too long? I started out with a ripple stitch I just love, from MondedeSucrette, but it just wasn’t warm enough for these chilly Wisconsin winters.

After a few days of thinking it over, I decided to try a waffle stitch. The blog SuburbanJubilee has a nice pic tutorial and I found myself stitching away in no time. I added a ch 2 at each end without counting that as the first dc and it has a sweet little ruffle top and bottom, surprise!

I have another hour or two to work, I might just finsh this afternoon yet. I think about twenty inches long, then slipstitch the ends together to join. You can see in the pics we are enjoying our first official dusting of snow here today. Happy hooking!


Ripple cowl

Ripple cowl

Waffle stitch cowl
Waffle stitch cowl

First snow!

First snow!




An update: finished! And she likes it. šŸ™‚20131111_153110 20131111_153209

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